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What can you treat with
the Scizer?

  • Stubborn fat cells in the body
  • Abdomen, Love Handles, Flanks, Thighs

What will your patients

  • Effective slimming and contouring
  • Customized treatment procedure
  • Fat reduction with minimal pain
  • Effortless, yet guaranteed results

What are the main
advantages for your

  • HIFU technology combined with Contact Cooling Technology
  • Guaranteed patient and physician satisfaction
  • Macro Focused Cartridges with a large spot size
  • Simple installation, maintenance, and operation
  • Wide demographic of patients who demand an effective yet comfortable procedure
  • Highly profitable ROI
  • Complements other aesthetic treatments offered

Dr. Bertrand Pusel, MD / France

“The treatment indication is for fat burning. Stubborn fat at different levels such as in the abdomen, flanks, and love handles, with one session, can yield improved results. This device requires no preparation, no anesthetic, or incisions, which makes the Scizer an effective device for fat reduction.”

Dr. Bertrand Pusel, MD / France

  • • Vice President the French Society of Dermatology (SFD 2009-11)
  • • Executive Board Member of the European Society of Laser Dermatology (ESLD)
  • • Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)
  • • Member of the American Association of Dermatology (AAD)

Dr. Bertrand Pusel, MD / France

Baseline & Post Procedure




Engineered to reduce body fat with minimal pain,
the Scizer combines HIFU technology with Contact
Cooling technology guaranteeing the painless
reduction of stubborn fat cells. Find out more about
how the Scizer works wonders!

for patients
The Scizer is designed to perform fat reduction procedures with minimal pain and effective results. Equipped with a Contact Cooling function, find out why so many are praising the Scizer as the next big development in HIFU technology.
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